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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

'Khan' or 'My Name Is Khan'?

So what is Karan Johar’s next venture called? Is it KING KHAN? Or is it KHAN? Or has it been re-titled MY NAME IS KHAN? Reports in the media suggest it’s called MY NAME IS KHAN. In fact, Karan is breaking away from the ‘K’ factor this time [all his films start with the alphabet ‘K’].“I haven’t zeroed on any title yet,” Karan confides, “It could be MY NAME IS KHAN or just KHAN. But it’s not KING KHAN. Where did that one come from?” Reportedly, the film is based on terrorism. “It’s not! That’s another rumour. There’s no terrorism angle in my film. Yes, there’s a mention of the 9/11 episode, but nothing beyond that,” he clears the air. The film has been delayed slightly. It was expected to start before the year came to a close, but will now roll in second quarter of 2008 and will hit the screens in April 2009. And yes, the film teams the golden combo – SRK and Kajol – after a hiatus. “I can’t confirm on Kajol’s presence till I talk to her. I’ve shifted my film ahead and need to sit with her on the fresh dates,” Karan reveals. Meanwhile, Karan has started work on the animation version of KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, called KOOCHIE KOOCHIE HOTA HAI. Also, the Tarun Mansukhani-directed film, starring Abhishek, Priyanka and John, is expected to roll shortly


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