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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"SRK, Farah visit Manoj Kumar

By now its general knowledge that Manoj Kumar aka Mr. Bharat raised an objection stating that he was very deeply hurt with his portrayal in the latest blockbuster Om Shanti Om. And rumors had it that he had demanded the said scene to be deleted from the film. Needless to say that one cannot expect anything but the unexpected from the King Khan. The current status is that SRK and Farah Khan had called press conference to publicly apologize to Manoj Kumar. Meanwhile Mr. Bharat, it seems that, wanted SRK to call on him personally and lend his apology, which was not happening, all thanks to the King Khan’s choc-a-bloc schedules. That’s when Yash ‘Mr Romance’ Chopra, himself decided to play the mediator between the two by calling Manoj Kumar on Tuesday night amidst his dinner and said that he wanted to drop by, without divulging any further details. Manoj Kumar’s joys knew no bounds when he saw SRK along with his better half, Gauri and Farah accompanying Yash Chopra! SRK soon played the ‘real-life’ Raj of DDLJ and in no time all of them were happy with the outcome of the family re-union! In the meanwhile, Farah has gone on record to say that Manoj Kumar’s scenes won't be chopped off from Om Shanti Om. As the dialogue from the film goes “Aakhir mein sab kuch thik hi ho jata hai…”


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