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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sarkar Raj to see Ash in glam avatar

It is believed that Aishwarya Rai’s role in Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar Raj is based on the character of Rebecca Mark. Aishwarya plays a contemporary business woman in the film, and hence, Varma has modelled her role on Rebecca.
Rebecca was the famous head of Enron International, a division of Enron. She later was promoted to the post of vice-chairman of Enron, but resigned from the company in 2000. She is not only remembered for her business acumen, but for her looks, clothes, and legs as well. Gossip columnists claimed she won the Dabhol contract due to her sex appeal. Rebecca’s mini-skirts, puffed blouses and three inch spiked heels were her trademark.
Sources say, "RGV was very keen for Aishwarya to have the look that Rebecca was famous for and has shaped up her character accordingly"
According to insiders, Sarkar Raj is shaping into Varma’s best work to date. And the Bachchans are extremely upbeat about it since; this is the first film that Ash and Abhishek Bachchan will be cast together after their marriage.
Sarkar Raj is the sequel to Varma’s superhit Sarkar, which also starred Amitabh and Abhishek. An insider says, "A major part of the story is however based on the conflict of emotions between Amitabh and Abhishek. Supposedly, in this film, Abhishek is said to be the new sarkar in this movie. The film is scheduled to release early next year."


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