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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Aamir to host Pogo Amazing Kids Awards

Aamir Khan’s special bond with children is something that’s known to one and all. With Aamir’s directorial debut, Taare Zameen Par, revolving around children, the actor has been going all out interacting with his young fans be it at a radio station on Children’s day, or judging a kids’ musical reality show on television.The latest news doing the rounds is that Aamir will be hosting the Pogo Amazing Kids Awards 2007. Incidentally, Darsheel Zafary, the lead child protagonist in Taare Zameen Par would be co-hosting the award function which would be telecast on Dec 29 2007. This is the first time that the normally reclusive actor would be hosting an awards show and apparently the only reason he has agreed to do it is because kids have been a real source of inspiration and strength for him. Considering the popularity the kids channel Pogo enjoys among tiny tots, one thing is certain that Aamir would add many loyal fans for his film, which opens on Dec 21.


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